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About Us

SIGI Properties’ commitment to community betterment and development are core to our business strategies and beliefs. We believe supporting our community through positive economic growth is fundamental to the quality of life each of us enjoys. Through the acquisition, maintenance and leasing of quality housing and other rental property, we positively affect our community. We embrace change and growth. At SIGI properties, we believe we are not just providing quality housing, we are providing “homes” for our fellow community members. We are not just providing quality rental space; rather we are providing the business centers and retail space, which houses the businesses that provide jobs and economic growth in our community.

When you think of SIGI properties, we hope commitment to country, community; economic growth and family come to mind.

We look for opportunities to work with local contractors and property owners.

If you have a property to sell, please see our “We Buy Properties” page.

If you are a contractor, please sign up and send us samples of your working and actual pricing.

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